Cabs alternatives after Ola and Uber

Chandigarh residents might looking for alternatives after recent news of stopping Ola and Uber operations due to license issues in Chandigarh.

But don’t worry people of city of dreams. The roads of Chandigarh are ready with alternative cabs and ride sharing options. Let’s explore the other options

Indriver- Indriver might be a better option as indriver breaks a fix fare model for a  unique auction system. You just input your destination. and then driver provides their bids along with the time of arrival. you have the advantage of comparing offers, choose the price and driver that suits. And also you can counter their offer for a negotiable price if needed. This dynamic feature gives you controls and potentially you can do some savings.

Cabs alternatives after Ola and Uber

Some of the features you may experience are-

1. Bid models provide you comparatively low fares than the fixed fare models.

2. You can negotiate for the price directly with driver before booking your ride.

3. See estimated arrival time and driver profile before choosing

Rapido- Other option you can look at is Rapido. Rapido provides two wheeler ride sharing. It may provides lower fares and reduce congestion. Booking is very simple, you can choose your destination and travel easily. It is quite social and budget friendly as it has less fare compared to car cabs.

Some of features you may experience are-

1.It can be cost saving as a two wheeler ridesharing compared to other car cabs.

2.You may experience reduced traffic congestion

3.Booking is very straightforward.

whether you prioritize budget and eco friendliness, there are other options you may choose. Indriver provides you bidding flexibility and Rapido let you share ride and savings. You may also choose among the other transportation services .

Local taxi services- you can explore the traditional local taxi services, which offers the reliable rides.


Chandigarh transport undertaking- Chandigarh has a good network of this transportation which offers very negotiable charges, you can easily travel between the Trycity Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali. You can also choose the Local public transport

Cycle- For short distances you can opt for cycle as it is healthy and sustainable option.

So always embrace the offers that Chandigarh provides you to travel. So have a safe and healthy journey.

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