Are banana chips healthier than potato chips?

Banana chips or potato chips which crisp comes on the top, we always crave for salty snacks, but we also prefer to choose the healthier one, lets check out which snack reigns supreme.

Round 1- Nutritional showdown

Potato chips- They contain punch of calories and fat, with minimum nutritional qualities. Some types provide potassium but they lack fiber and vitamins.
Banana chips- It brings some nutrition to the table. They contain potassium, fibre, and also vitamin b6. Although be aware of added sugars and oils.

banana chips healthier than potato chips
Round 2- calorie count
Potato chips- A single serving of potato chips easily contains 150-200 calories, with a 10-15 grams of fat content.

Banana chips- It can also be calorie-dense. A similar serving can contain 180-250 calories and 10-15 grams of fat.

Round 3- Sweet or savory smackdown
Potato chips- These salty sensations offer a variety of flavors, from classic and cheesy to spicy and exotic.

Banana chips- These sweety sensations also come in various options, from plain and lightly salted to cinnamon-dusted and chocolate dipped. They offer unique mixture of sweet and crunch and provide refreshing feeling than a salty one.

Both potato and banana chips have strength and weaknesses, banana chips provide nutritional benefits but have also high calorie count and potato chips provide a variety of flavors but lacks much needed nutritional profiles.
Ultimately a choice between two depends on your priorities.

If you want to opt guilt free pleasure, you can also choose baked or dehydrated varieties of both chips and less added sugars and oils.
Choose wisely and responsibly and always consider a balanced diet.

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