Can Pardeep Narwal make 1700 points this season

Pardeep Narwal can make 1700 points this season because on looking Pardeep Narwal’s current performance and remaining matches of PKL season 10, his chances of making 1700 points is looking quiet promising..

Here are some of the reasons-

Current form- Record breaker is currently in a very good form. He has recently reached the milestone of 1650 points an is also currently among the top scorers.

His Mindset- Dubki king also stated that he will try to reach 100 super10s milestone this season. Which also supports the achievement of 1700 points milestone.

Remaining matches- UP Yoddhas has currently played very few games this season and most of matches are yet to be played. So Narwal has the chance to conquer this milestone this season.

Motivation-¬†PKL’s most successful raider has stated that he has desire to score more and more raid points this season. He is ready to give high scoring performance this season.

Also some challenges he may face are

Tough Defence- Every season new players emerge with exceptional talent and Pardeep will face strong defences who are already aware of his scoring threats.
Pardeep NarwalTeam’s performance- His scoring also depends on the team’s overall performance. Poor team performance can affect his scoring ability.

Injuries- Players are very prone to injury as playing a whole season is not easy. There is always a risk of injury and fatigue
Overall Pardeep Narwal is known for his special abilities, he has very good chance of getting 1700 points this season, only thing is he has to remain in his current throughout the season.

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