Why Indians are not good in football though we are best in cricket

Indians are not good in football though we are best in cricket..In India fans are crazy for their cricket heroes, they dream of emulating their favorite players like MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Sachin Tendulkar. Our stadiums full of cricket fans cheer for every boundary and bleed blue for Cricket. But when it comes to football the passion fades. Why there is such a difference.

Indians are not good in football though we are best in cricket

Cricket in Blood- Cricket has a huge cultural legacy. Going down through generations, its runs deep down of our society. From villages to cities, from open grounds to stadiums, bats and balls had a similar resonance. Football lacks these cultural crossroads. It did not integrate in our country’s eyes.

Facility- Cricket has a large infrastructure, from top class stadiums to grass academies, all facilities are provided at every stage to become a professional player. On the other hand, football faces a tough grind. Limited resources, low facilities makes the journey more tough.
Structural challenges- Cricket has full structural support as well financial support, on the other hand football is often relegated. Less sponsorship and fragmented leagues hinder its growth. Until all the facilities will be provided, these emerging talents would face these challenges.

Hype and fanbase- Cricket has been a sport which has created a huge positive impact on people. A love is created in the heart of people for this game. Cricket has created a huge fanbase over the years. And now people are so desperate to watch cricket in any format whether its IPL or International cricket tournaments. Football has a growing fanbase, hasn’t reached that level of social integration.

Hope for the rise- Despite these challenges, there is a sense of growing love for football. Rise of Indian Super League, and corporate investments has lead to rise of emerging players, and hence the passion for football.

So with continuous dedication, Indian Football can also reach at the level where the cricket is.

So let’s celebrate the cricket’s achievements, but also acknowledge the potential of football. Celebrate both the games without making harmful comparisons and negativity. Always focus on the spirit of sportsmanship and support all the athletes.

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